Snack Food for Winter Hikes

We love to eat on the trail and believe our food should have a view.In the winter our favorites are a bread, cheese and a sausage or pepperoni for a quick pick up.

We love to order our bread from When Pigs Fly Bakery in Maine. The flavors are amazing, especially their lemonade bread (really good in summer).

Soft goat cheese is easy to pack on winter hikes and doesn’t melt all over the container.  Trader Joes has these great three packs.  I know I said three packs, one is missing from this picture because it is already in my backpack.

Pepperoni or a sausage is great protein source and makes for a fun treat when your husband decides to cut it in cute shapes to celebrate a special day. Can you guess what day we were hiking on?

Apples with peanut butter are Mike’s favorite pick up on the snack break.  For me it is a combination of cheese, bread and pepperoni.  We both enjoy a mixture of dried fruit, that is also savored after the hike on the ride home.This combination is dried apricots, uncrystallized ginger, dried pears, figs and cranberries.  So refreshing.

This is what our counter looks like before the hike, getting out all the food.  These Trader Joes Gorgonzola cheese crackers are so tasty and if you slap a little goat cheese on top, pure heaven.  For a chocolate pick up I highly recommend Trader Joes dark chocolate covered ginger, what a zing!!  Mike is a pretzel junkie and when it is filled with peanut butter he gets in the zone.  As for the bars, I’ll cover those in another post.

Last but not least on our snacking feast menu is the thrill of hot tea.  I purchase our loose tea from Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago. Their teas are flavorful and they offer a wide variety to choose from.

As Julia Child would say ” Bon Appetit”.